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They’re not better than you! (a voice echoed)

“They’re not better than you!”, a voice echoed in the gym. The score is 17-21 down by 4 with 7:30 left on the clock and we just committed a foul. Good coaches will call timeouts to “Ice” a player and give a gut check to his team. “Do we want to go home now? I can tell them we don’t want to play anymore?… I have 4 guys on this bench who want to play…let me know now.” I didn’t think the player would sink both of the free throws. But he did.  I knew we were the better team. I knew we came back from bigger deficits. I can only challenge you. And, all you can do is choose to respond or not. Well, thank you for your response. 36 to 26 victory. The last basket didn’t count in their books but after watching the video, it should have so I added to our totals.

For the new guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t play you more.  Keep in mind this is a competitive team, we are here to compete. We compete against other teams in a game and within the team at practice. It amazes me how far the boys from the Super Sonic days have come along. We’ve since learned how to compete. Now we are learning how to win. What you do on the court can translate what you do in life. Not always though but if you work hard good thing will happen. The values you are now showing such as respect, selflessness, work ethic, and the desire to do your best will have a lasting effect on your lives.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Remember: Love x Commitment= Greatness in what you choose to do.

Savor this win until Tuesday’s practice, then we have work to do. It doesn’t get any easier from here. Everyone is gunning to beat us. Just like last summer, 6-0 and finished 7-1. Wanna make this season special? Then let’s exert special efforts in this week’s practices.