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This has to be the most exciting play other than the dunk. Master these moves to go viral. The most important parts to Breaking Ankles is reading the defense, change of pace and sudden movements. Reading is fundamental. Learn to read, it will change the speed of the game and change the way you play, the way the defense plays you. Change of pace keeps the defense on their toes. If they transfer to their heels, take it to the rack. Sudden movements cause an action. When the defense tries to react to your reverse or crossover…call the medic. Another ankle broken. With all other basketball moves, this takes practice over and over just to get it off 1 time in a game.

Lock Up Compressions

lockupWinter is coming and compressions are a must to keep the boys warm and loose. These compressions pictured above is from a San Diego(El Cajon) based company. They are expressive and are geared for the defensive mind players. Keep in mind compressions are not inexpensive, but they do have a way of preventing injury.
Have a look…LOCK UP GEAR