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Be A Better Defender | LOCKDOWN DEFENSE

In this video, Coach Rocky and Coach Josh breakdown some basics to defense that will help you become a better defender. After the basics, we show you one of our most effective drills that you can add to your own training to become a lock down defender. Remember, if you can lock down defend, a coach will find time for you to play.

Shoot Better Off The Catch

These Shooting Drills Show You How To Shoot A Basketball Better Off The Catch! But 1st get your shot right. Do your form shooting drills 1st, prior to any shooting drill.

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Master To Be Unguardable

Coach Rocky says you must master these 5 basketball moves! If you do master these 5 basketball moves then you will be very tough to guard. Wait until the end of the video when you see the combos that you can create with these moves.

1. Crossover
2. Stepback
3. Spin Move
4. Pullback
5. In-N-Out

INSTANTLY Improve Your Jump Shot

INSTANTLY Improve Your Jump Shot With These 3 Shooting Drills! Here are 3 shooting drills that will instantly improve your shooting. Coach Rocky also breaks down some important concepts to think about, when shooting, that will really improve your ability to shoot the basketball!

Taken from Youtube ILoveBasketballTV