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US against them

As we practice this week, I mentioned that we do not know who KAO will bring. But we don’t need to worry about that. We need to worry about what we do. We need to execute what we do. There is no need to worry about them, let them worry about us. We play hard and HUSL. We play smart and as a team. There is no ill will on this team and there is no room for it.

Team HUSL…we win as a team and lose as a team. Everyone has their part. If you do not know what it is, ask me. We can’t win games without substitutions. There is no one greater or less. Everyone has their part. With the 10 boys on this team, we are complete.(Everyone’s minutes ranged between 11-26 minutes in a 36 minutes game)

In this game, 8 of 10 players scored and 8 of 10 got a rebound. Jumping out to a 27-6 lead at the half can only be accomplished by teamwork. Although everyone one did an outstanding job, I will focus on 2 players for this post.

sidFirst, Ice Age Sid aka Happy Feet played outstanding for the limited minutes he played. His line was 2 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 of 3 from the field with 1 turnover. He’s not the fastest but fast enough, not the strongest but strong enough, not the most skilled but skilled enough. He played within his limits, smart, with heart and HUSL today. 

playerwebSecond, Super Steve line 2 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists, 1 block, and 1 of 1 from the field. He does a lot of super stuff you can’t see on a stat sheet. Winning doesn’t happen if we don’t have these guys and others doing these things.

Thank all you boys for bringing your best.

Sid welcome to the team

sidIt’s alway a blast when a new player enters his first game. Sid like most new kids to competitive basketball was wide-eyed and green. I literally push him on the court. And I couldn’t help but remember Sid from Ice Age. Once he got in the game he did a good job of playing defense and he didn’t commit any mistakes, it’s the least I can ask from him. As he continues to play the game, it will start to slow down and he will be able to force his will against the opposing teams. It came down to two nicknames “Toy Story Sid” or “Ice Age Sid” and the boy from toy story isn’t a very good kid. So you guessed it. The Eyes have it. “Ice Age Sid” Welcome to the team!

Is that Coach Mike at 2:10 to 2:10? Justin, I know you want to boogie…..