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Coach’s Review of Summer Game 7

The Free ~ Throw Away Game

This game was lost at the line. We missed 22 free throws. It happens. Learn form it. The team did so many good things which is over shadowed by the failures at the line. It was a group effort. Although collectively we were -2 in the steal/turnover ratio, we were out rebounded. We were not denying, not blocking out, not closing out on all defensive possessions. The positive is that we did sometimes, which means we know how to do it. We need to be more consistent.

At times we were playing hero ball and not team ball. That is something I will correct. Shooting 19% from the field and 12% from the line will never win a game. Shooting free throws can be done by yourself. We did not deserve to win this game even though we almost won the game.

On a positive note, when we did hustle, we did well. We didn’t have too many problems breaking their press. We do play as a team but yesterday there were lapses of hero ball. Even though we lost, we know we were 1 basket from winning while playing our worst game of the season. I can come up with different reasons why we didn’t win but nothing is more telling than all the shots missed at the free throw line. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and lets move on.

S, Coach Jesse

PS. Practice your free throws. Last 10 minutes of every practice will consist of the free throw drill.