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2017 Winter Game 1 Review (Farewell Game)

This will be known as the farewell game. Big Man on Campus and Sputnik both played one of their better games that I have seen them play. Later that week, I was notified it was their last game with HUSL. They both had different reasons. We wish them well on their path. We were missing key players in this game. Actually 4 players were gone. Short handed…no problem. The boys won the game 26-14. Amare and TJ stepped up their game in Game 1. This SD Royals was a great team in the A Division last fall.

Two things were proven this game. First, we win with team play and lose with individual play. Second, the next player is more than will and able to play in a starting role. This season will be interesting because 6 of the 7 teams are new teams we have never played. looking forward to this new season and new year.

Go HUSL!!!


Yes, Yes, Yes, we are listening. I salute all the players today. People are recognizing your development. I often hear from other coaches, “You are doing a great job, you’ve really coached those boys up.” My response, “My boys listen and buy into the team concept. Not everyone will score, not everyone will start, not everyone will play but we win as a team and lose as a team. When I call their number, they need to be ready to HUSL.”

The Nighthawks are a good team. I’m sure they will make the playoffs. We out HUSL’d the Hawks today 17 steals vs 13 turnovers and 7 blocks vs their 3. Robin Hood Rowen led the team with 4 steals followed by JayZeeballin Josiah with 3 steals and Air Amare & Super Steve had 2 blocks each. Justin the Butler and Super Steve both had 7 boards with TJ Big Man on Campus grabbing 6.

Those are great individual accomplishment but not all things can be captured as a stat. For instance, the play of Ruff Rider Ruben played shut down defense on Luke #54. Luke is the catalyst of the Nighthawks offense. Thank you Ruff Rider for doing the dirty work. Once you starting riding him, their offense became stagnant. Those mentioned above cannot do this alone they do need help and it came in the form of Riley the Rookie, Sputnik Stepan and Sid. Combined the trio contributed in points, rebounds, assists, and steals.

Great job team. You guys who are new, just keep working, working and working to improve your craft and one day your skill will be on display for everyone to see, it cannot be denied because of all the work you have done. Hard work pays off in basketball and life.

Until the next swish,
Coach J

Coach’s Review of Summer Game 8

There is nothing like winning your last game of the season. We started slow. We didn’t play perfect. We shot 40% from the line and won 36-13. Because defense wins games.

We had a huge game from The Butler. He served his 2nd double-double of the season with 10 points and 14 rebounds. Way to go Justin!!! Big Man on Campus aka TJ, got his own 10 rebounds and 2 blocks. Air Amare flew in the lane for 8 points, 2 rebounds and a block. He also has a sticky set of hands with 4 steals. Robin Hood Rowen stole 6 balls on the day, then hustled to assist 4 teammates for 8 easy points on this Nottingham of a court. His yeoman service style of play does not go unnoticed by the Coach and his Court of players. JayZeeballin managed to accumulate 13 points without taking a 3 pointer in the game. At times it seemed as if the defense was on roller skates they way he was dribbling or maybe he was on roller skates. Riley the Rookie clocked in the most minutes of his young career, the youngest player looking like he needed an oxygen tank. Lastly, Super Steve went for the cycle; 1 field goal and free throw, 2 attempts for both, 3 points and 4 rebounds some of the things he does doesn’t show up on stats.

When we play as a team, up to our potential, we can have fun on top of fun. I don’t know if this was fun to read but it was fun to write. This short video epitomizes our team hustle.

Robin Hood