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Coach’s Review of Summer Game 6

The starting lineup was changed because of improved play of individual players and individual players struggling with certain aspects of their game. A move I made was to use Super Steve as the 4 on offense and playing the 5 on defense from his previous position at the 3. He did an outstanding job adjusting to the new position by pulling down 12 rebounds while still dishing 3 assists for the game. Amare had a huge offensive game matching the team’s game-high in scoring 14 points on the day (where everyone had 2 or more points). He drilled back-to-back 3-pointers to extend the lead early in the second half, which essentially put the game in the record books. Josiah wore new red knee pads.  He was all over the court getting steals and tipping loose balls. Knee pads anyone? Everyone played a great game. Those are just some of the things that stood out to me. There are some things that will not show up on a stat sheet like how Rowen controls the offense, how Ruben controls the defense, how Tyler’s presence in the middle denies penetration, how Justin fights for every rebound and how Riley is steadily improving; but I do notice it, and that is why we are a great team.

Over the past 3 weeks, we worked on making layups. It made a 10-point difference. We will continue to work on layups because we still missed more than a handful. That is over 10 points we missed. Winning 30 to 16 is what we have done in the past. Making more layups got us to 40-16. If we worked harder, it could have been 50-16. Now I’m wanting to crush another opponent, but I want us to play to our potential and give our non-starters more playing time.

Come to practice with the mindset to improve, even if it is just by 1 percent. The reason we practice and play is to improve and compete. We compete against each other in practice and, as a team, against the other teams in games. There is no greater measure for playing team ball than when everyone scores points. Can’t say enough about they way we play. #TEAMHUSL