Become a Lockdown Defender: On-Ball Defense

Defense is half of the game of basketball. If you can’t lock down on defense, your ability to change the game will drop significantly. Although defense is substantially based on athleticism, technique can be developed and mastered to assist you in becoming a superior defender. by~ By Any Means Basketball

Michael Jordan. How important is Practice?

You wear the brand, you watched his movie, you hear older guys call him the goat. He never lost in the finals. He won six championships. All the current NBA players want to be like Mike. He was cut from his high school team. This is what it takes to make it.

The Hardest Worker in NBA History

PUT IN THE WORK! You need to put in the work to work in the L.

Talent alone does not mean you will be great, you have to put in the work. Not just any work, it has to be correct, working up to game speed. Are you willing to put the work in?


These guys didn’t know it but they were the HUSL BEEZ before there was HUSL ELITE. Funny how this goes full circle. Do you know any of these guys from Mira Mesa?
I was coaching with a ruptured Achilles. I think it’s the only time I’ve ever sat down. Rolling on that scooter.

1:100 The Ratio of Practice vs Game

unnamed-1What is the ratio of practice repetition vs game makes? Something I’ve always stressed is; to make 1 shot in the game a player needs to practice it 100 times.  On average, an NBA player plays 4 games a week. In the example to the right, when this article was written Steph Curry was averaging 5 three pointers a game. 4×5 makes 20 and 20:2000 equals a 1:100 ratio. It is something that has tested true. But it’s not just any 100, it has to be a perfect same 100 just for 1 bucket. Take it a step farther 500 for 5.

How about dribbling? Same ratio 1:100 for windshield wipers, walk the dogs, between the legs, behind the back, crossovers, etc. 100 just so a player can dribble behind the back 1 time in a game. The more a player practices the same move the more comfortable he becomes with the dribble. As the player becomes comfortable, he can add to his/her skill/tool box. Let get ready for our upcoming bid. Lets be a Finalist.

New Guys, Win and Learn

I’d like to welcome the 10U team to the #HUSLFAM This is an exciting time, it the beginning of the 2026 era for HUSL. I’m excited, are you?

Playing in the travel ball is intense. Some teams play players down and some play up. Some teams recruit some teams build within. Minutes are earned and feelings get burned, but through it all you either win or learn. Yesterday we received 3 lessons. I hope it is lessons we will never forget. 1. “We wins as team, gotta play as a team.” 2. “If you want to win, you have to hustle.” 3. “Value the ball, teams that value the ball usually wins, ie: rebounds, turnovers, steals and shot selection.” Simple but true facts. #learnfromit