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Trust goes a long way. You can only grow in trust as you play together longer on a team. It becomes second nature. When you do this, you know your teammate does that. It brings teamwork to the highest level. It provides more opportunity to win games. The team becomes unguardable. No one scored in double figures or rebounds in any game. This was a total team effort. It was awesome.

Game 1 27-10 This game set the tone for the weekend. Everyone took a shot attempt, everyone got rebounds or steals. Jay Zee decided to pass the ball and got this for a stat line: 1 turnover, 2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 5 steals. The Big Man on Campus grabbed 6 rebounds and a block. The Rookie scored 2 points and 3 steals. Sputnik scored 4 points and grabbed a rebound. Team scoring was 0, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6 and 6. As both SOPAC Select watched, they didn’t know who to key in on for their game.

Game 2 29-27 This game featured monster games by Robinhood: 8 points and 4 steals. Jay Zee 7 points and 4 steals, The Butler 7 points and 8 rebounds, Supersteve with 5 rebounds, and Big Man on Campus with 4 points.

Game 3 28-27 SOPAC SELECT is one of the better 12U teams around. Talented guards and some big guys down low. The team knew it was a 12U team but we respect everyone and fear no one. JayZee started the game assisting the Butler for our 1st 3 points of the game.(After the game he explained me, “I know we are supposed to run the play but he was wide open.” My response, “There is no need for an explanation if you or he knocks down the shot.”)The game ended JayZee assisting Super Steve with the winning shot. I would have been all for not if Amare does not get that steal with 6 seconds left on the clock.  Great team effort on this day.

I preached to these young men, to run the play so you know where your teammate will be. Trust that your teammate has your back. We win and lose as a team. Over and over I say it in practice and in games.

7 Josiah, 6 Rowen,6 Amare, 5 Justin and 4 Steve are the points scored in this game. Each one was equally important. Steve had only 2 points up to the point of the winning shot. Josiah had the most. They had to guard Josiah  knowing he will shoot and fittingly they were defeated with the same play they scored on us all game; a guard drives, the defenders closes out, the guard passes for a closer shot to a teammate. It was sweet! Super Steve nails the winning shot! We don’t call you Super Steve for nothing. Yes, it is double-negative but it sounds so good.

We don’t get the win with all the little things happening. The guys mentioned above do not get it done without the contribution of the reserves. The Riley the Rookie, Sputnik Stepan and TJ the Big Man on Campus held it down long enough for the starters to get the needed rest for this 1 point victory.

As a team, we shot 31% from the field, 21% from the line and 35% from 3 pt land. Something to work on in-game free throws…1 for 5, 1 for 10 and 2 for 4 respectively. A total of 4 of 19.

Below are the totals for the tournament.

2024 HUSL

1Riley ValecruzForward-Guard0230301200003
3JayZee PanisGuard016479072112135
5Amare ShawGuard0131543151629132
11Tyler HealdCenter0480212400002
14Stepan RubinsteinForward-Guard0410002300000
30Rowen WimmerForward-Guard0201128192815157
33Stephen BousquetForward-Center0101624052403004
35Justin ButlerForward-Center0152102062900366
 Total 08479153133712741961729

SOPAC Premiere


Dtermined Summer Sensational 2nd Place

Surprised? We surprised a few people up in Corona. Even though we were short handed on Sunday, the boys played hard and showed their mettle. Hard work pays off. The more we work, the stronger we get. 2nd place finish at the Dtermined Summer Sensational Tournament. Great job guys! Way to HUSL! As we continue to get better, more recognition will come the boys way. Continue to cheer for your son and the rest of the team. Thank you!

2nd at Dtermined 07/10/16