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Embrace Your Role

Last weekend I had a few guys on the bench, I asked them at the 6 minute mark, ” If I put you in at the 4 minute mark, can you play defense for me for the last 4 minutes? They said, “YES!” I put them in and we came back to win by 4. Honestly, it not who starts the game but who finishes it when the game is on the line. Arthur and Dylan came up big down the stretch. #embraceyourrole Peep game at 1:18. Steph is preaching accepting your role, everyone will shine, they will talk about your team.

Stephen Curry and surprise guest Kevin Durant give the Oakland’s McClymonds High School basketball team the chance to meet two of their idols. On their way to a post-game meal, Stephen hears from the student-athletes about their experience growing up in Oakland and shares his thoughts on basketball and life.

Get Motivated. You control your E-F-F-O-R-T-!

If the road to being an NBA player was easy, everyone would be in the L. But the fact is, it’s a tough road and hours of work is needed. Sometimes it will be a lonely experience, find the people who will help you obtain your goal. Let them know you need their help, if they help you, don’t forget them when you make it. So next time someone asks what is your dream? Think about the work that is needed to be an NBA player, a doctor, an engineer or a school teacher. It takes hour upon hours to become a professional in any occupation. Control your future by providing the effort that is needed to make it. You can do it, if you believe in yourself and put forth the effort.

Be A Better Defender | LOCKDOWN DEFENSE

In this video, Coach Rocky and Coach Josh breakdown some basics to defense that will help you become a better defender. After the basics, we show you one of our most effective drills that you can add to your own training to become a lock down defender. Remember, if you can lock down defend, a coach will find time for you to play.

The Hardest Worker in NBA History

PUT IN THE WORK! You need to put in the work to work in the L.

Talent alone does not mean you will be great, you have to put in the work. Not just any work, it has to be correct, working up to game speed. Are you willing to put the work in?

New Guys, Win and Learn

I’d like to welcome the 10U team to the #HUSLFAM This is an exciting time, it the beginning of the 2026 era for HUSL. I’m excited, are you?

Playing in the travel ball is intense. Some teams play players down and some play up. Some teams recruit some teams build within. Minutes are earned and feelings get burned, but through it all you either win or learn. Yesterday we received 3 lessons. I hope it is lessons we will never forget. 1. “We wins as team, gotta play as a team.” 2. “If you want to win, you have to hustle.” 3. “Value the ball, teams that value the ball usually wins, ie: rebounds, turnovers, steals and shot selection.” Simple but true facts. #learnfromit

They’re not better than you! (a voice echoed)

“They’re not better than you!”, a voice echoed in the gym. The score is 17-21 down by 4 with 7:30 left on the clock and we just committed a foul. Good coaches will call timeouts to “Ice” a player and give a gut check to his team. “Do we want to go home now? I can tell them we don’t want to play anymore?… I have 4 guys on this bench who want to play…let me know now.” I didn’t think the player would sink both of the free throws. But he did.  I knew we were the better team. I knew we came back from bigger deficits. I can only challenge you. And, all you can do is choose to respond or not. Well, thank you for your response. 36 to 26 victory. The last basket didn’t count in their books but after watching the video, it should have so I added to our totals.

For the new guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t play you more.  Keep in mind this is a competitive team, we are here to compete. We compete against other teams in a game and within the team at practice. It amazes me how far the boys from the Super Sonic days have come along. We’ve since learned how to compete. Now we are learning how to win. What you do on the court can translate what you do in life. Not always though but if you work hard good thing will happen. The values you are now showing such as respect, selflessness, work ethic, and the desire to do your best will have a lasting effect on your lives.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Remember: Love x Commitment= Greatness in what you choose to do.

Savor this win until Tuesday’s practice, then we have work to do. It doesn’t get any easier from here. Everyone is gunning to beat us. Just like last summer, 6-0 and finished 7-1. Wanna make this season special? Then let’s exert special efforts in this week’s practices.

10 Tips To Get You More Playing Time

POPS 16-07-091012461. Ask the coach what you can do to help the team.
2. Play to your strengths.
3. Always hustle and work hard.
4. Take charges.
5. Play tough defense.
6. Always box out.
7. Take good shots.
8. Make the extra pass.
9. Sprint to the front of the huddle.
10. Be a great teammate.

Taken from Break Through Basketball