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Embrace Your Role

Last weekend I had a few guys on the bench, I asked them at the 6 minute mark, ” If I put you in at the 4 minute mark, can you play defense for me for the last 4 minutes? They said, “YES!” I put them in and we came back to win by 4. Honestly, it not who starts the game but who finishes it when the game is on the line. Arthur and Dylan came up big down the stretch. #embraceyourrole Peep game at 1:18. Steph is preaching accepting your role, everyone will shine, they will talk about your team.

Stephen Curry and surprise guest Kevin Durant give the Oakland’s McClymonds High School basketball team the chance to meet two of their idols. On their way to a post-game meal, Stephen hears from the student-athletes about their experience growing up in Oakland and shares his thoughts on basketball and life.

NBA – What Is Hard Work?

It is not about the level you start at, its about the where you finish. It’s about the process.

The Hardest Worker in NBA History

PUT IN THE WORK! You need to put in the work to work in the L.

Talent alone does not mean you will be great, you have to put in the work. Not just any work, it has to be correct, working up to game speed. Are you willing to put the work in?

New Guys, Win and Learn

I’d like to welcome the 10U team to the #HUSLFAM This is an exciting time, it the beginning of the 2026 era for HUSL. I’m excited, are you?

Playing in the travel ball is intense. Some teams play players down and some play up. Some teams recruit some teams build within. Minutes are earned and feelings get burned, but through it all you either win or learn. Yesterday we received 3 lessons. I hope it is lessons we will never forget. 1. “We wins as team, gotta play as a team.” 2. “If you want to win, you have to hustle.” 3. “Value the ball, teams that value the ball usually wins, ie: rebounds, turnovers, steals and shot selection.” Simple but true facts. #learnfromit

Drills that don’t work!

I got this in an email from Coach Mac. I saw this video in IG and the trainer is from the Greater Toronto area.

Boxing or Basketball

Picture this crazy drill…
One player standing on a BOSU ball.
One player sitting on an exercise ball.
Both facing each other.
The player on the BOSU ball dribbling with their right hand.
The player on the exercise ball dribbling with their left hand.
Both players have a boxing glove on their opposite hand and are punching the other’s glove.
And to top it off, the player on the exercise ball is wearing dribbling glasses.
Insane, right?

These are the kind of ineffective drills that are used by coaches who claim to be ‘elite skill trainers’.
As one of my Twitter followers pointed out, the only time this will help a player is if they happen to get into a boxing match during a basketball game while there’s an earthquake…
Coaches who use drills like the one described above are more concerned with flash and ‘looking cool’ than actually developing basketball players.
And the worst part?
Parents and players who don’t know any better will often fall for this act because using a bunch of props looks like it works.
But it doesn’t…

Here are descriptions of a few other ‘pointless’ drills I’ve seen on social media
• A player attempting to keep 5 basketball bouncing at one time by dribbling each basketball as high as possible and then sprinting around the court like a headless chicken trying to keep each basketball alive.
• A player with one leg in a truck tire dribbling in circles in the dirt outside while their coaches constantly bumps them and yells at them.
• A player wearing a headband with a long string attached to it with a tennis ball on the end. The goal is to punch the tennis ball in front while dribbling a medicine ball.
What a waste of time…

“So, what drills actually do improve players?”
Drills that involve players competing one-on-one…
Drills that work on shooting in game-like situations…
Drills that develop and improve footwork…
Drills that allow players to practice attacking closeouts…
Basically, drills that involves players practicing in situations that occur often during real games.
Not gimmicks.
– Coach Mac
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