A Winning Defense

There are several requirements to becoming a great team on the defensive end of the floor.
And it all starts with…
1. Every player MUST dominate their individual matchup
“Guard Your Yard”
Every player must be capable of containing their opponent one-on-one without needing help from their teammates.
That’s not to say players should never help…
(as you’ll see in point #2)
But the fewer rotations that need to be made, the better your defense is going to be.
Every practice should contain 1-on-1 drills.
2. Every player MUST be ready to help when necessary
When a player does get beaten by their opponent (which will happen)…
The team’s off-ball defenders need to be prepared to slide across and help their teammate defensively.
This requires:
Smart off-ball positioning
Basketball IQ
Being in an athletic stance
3. Every player MUST give multiple efforts
Many of the games you coach will be decided by 1 – 5 points.
This makes every single possession important.
You must have players on your team who are willing to…
Take a charge
Dive on the floor after a loose ball.
Fight for every offensive rebound.

These extra possessions are often the difference between winning and losing.

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Embrace Your Role

Last weekend I had a few guys on the bench, I asked them at the 6 minute mark, ” If I put you in at the 4 minute mark, can you play defense for me for the last 4 minutes? They said, “YES!” I put them in and we came back to win by 4. Honestly, it not who starts the game but who finishes it when the game is on the line. Arthur and Dylan came up big down the stretch. #embraceyourrole Peep game at 1:18. Steph is preaching accepting your role, everyone will shine, they will talk about your team.

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It is not about the level you start at, its about the where you finish. It’s about the process.

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Kyrie Irving, aka Uncle Drew, has emerged into one of the top point guards and has distinguished himself as one of the best ball handlers and below the rim finishers in the game. He also has inherited the Mamba Mentality from Kobe Bryant which led him to many clutch plays during his NBA career, like the side step buzzer beater that sealed last year’s NBA Finals against the warriors bringing the first championship to Cleveland the team that drafted him. Now down 2-0 in the series The Cavs will need more out of Uncle Drew in game 3 if they want to keep the series alive and win another ring. Watch how one of the most electrifying players the game has seen has mastered his craft at such a high level at such a young age in this video. Watch till the end to see Kyrie revealing his secrets to finish around the rim. ~ Basketballprosworkouts via youtube

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If the road to being an NBA player was easy, everyone would be in the L. But the fact is, it’s a tough road and hours of work is needed. Sometimes it will be a lonely experience, find the people who will help you obtain your goal. Let them know you need their help, if they help you, don’t forget them when you make it. So next time someone asks what is your dream? Think about the work that is needed to be an NBA player, a doctor, an engineer or a school teacher. It takes hour upon hours to become a professional in any occupation. Control your future by providing the effort that is needed to make it. You can do it, if you believe in yourself and put forth the effort.

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