Month: March 2018

Confidence is Everything

At the end of a close game, the player gets asked, “What was going through your mind as the clock was running down?” The usual answer is, I knew we were down, we had so many seconds left and I had to get a shot off. The next statement from the player is, “I’ve taken the shot thousands of times, I didn’t even have to or had time to think about it.” Most games aren’t decided in the game, they are decided in the process.

Practicing the right way. Repetition after repetitions creates muscle memory. It’s that simple but you have to be disciplined to do that. What does all this preparation does, it instills self-confidence. When the player becomes confident, the player initiates the action versus reacts to the action. He will dictate and force the player to react to his movements. His game speed will accelerate and he will be more comfortable with his abilities. So what you waiting for get to grinding.