Month: February 2018

Defense is a lost Art

Defense is a lost Art. Everyone wants to score. I get that, not too many players get a shoe deal or get endorsement deals for being the defensive player of the year. But as the old adage goes, defense wins championships. Defense also keeps a player on the floor or keeps them from being traded. Being a defensive stopper is a player every team wants. Coaches love players who get after it defensively.

First, defense is an attitude. Second, it is contagious. Third, the team must be lock in as a unit and players must trust each other. Players have to want to play it. Players need the required conditioning. Players must learn the required IQ, skill and technique. If players play defense incorrectly or too aggressive, they will not be able to recover. If their team mate is not locked in, the offense will beat the front court players to the rack.

Our defense looked pretty good this weekend. We still have work to do. But we are working in the right direction. 30 Rebounds, 18 Steals and 2 Blocks. I don’t know a coach who would complain with that effort. Let’s go, HUSL!