Month: January 2018

1st Five

As the season goes on I try to motivate the team in different ways. What better way than to do it while practicing. So, I was trying to find way to motivate and get the team to work harder. I thought of 1st Five. Usually when teams runs sprints, the first so many don’t run again. They are rewarded by getting to sit or rest. But how does that help their game. It doesn’t they are resting and the slow guys are running, maybe your bench will get stronger but you starters will not. They are not working hard, they’re resting. So instead of resting, I decided to get them to run again. I wanted the practice to reflect the actual game time. The more you play the more you will run. If you’re okay with coming in last then you should be okay with coming in last off the bench. I ran the idea in practice and everyone ran faster. My fastest guys ran 3 times as much as the slower guys. Honestly they will be playing more so they will need the additional work. As for the guys who don’t finish in the top 5, well they are encouraged to compete because you never know when one of the top 5 gets injured or other obstacles. It worked for our team, let me know if it works for yours.