Month: October 2017

5 Crossover Combo Moves To Destroy Defenders!

Put your defender in the blender with these moves. Simple yet effective crossover combos. It takes practice to perfect these moves. Speedy dribbles and proper footwork are needed to perform these crossovers if not you will break your own ankles.

Defense Wins Championships

Defense is half of the game of basketball. If you can’t lock down on defense, your ability to change the game will drop significantly. Although defense is substantially based on athleticism (Check out how to improve athletically for your defense, technique can be developed and mastered to assist you in becoming a superior defender.

How Small Guards Use Height to their Advantage!

Let’s face it: as a smaller guard, basketball becomes much more difficult. But that doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Guards like Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Keene, Tyler Ulis, Chris Paul, and legends like Muggsy Bogues, Calvin Murphy, and Nate Robinson have proved that a shorter stature can be used just as well as the average NBA frame. Check out how above. The next installment will include finishing and facilitating! -By Any Means Basketball

Black Mamba Work Ethic

Do you have the Black Mamba work ethic? Is it in you? Do you want to be your best in whatever you do? “Basketball is very similar to the game of life. There’s going to be ups and downs, it’s not always going to be easy, there are going to be challenges, there are still going to be curve balls thrown at me, but if you put in the work, and constantly put in the work, that’s the only way you’re going to grow.” Jay Williams

Few words from Klay Thompson

Watch professional basketball player Klay Thompson coach young athletes on and off the court, sharing his tips including taking care of one’s body with strong recovery after a tough workout, working hard and having fun. via~ Built with Chocolate Milk

Fall 2017 Game 4&5

babydaddy_michael_jordan-edit-2The lessons are mounting up, but not too concerned right now. Keep your head up team, the real goal is to make your high school team. Get better every practice and every game. Learn from the lessons and increase your game IQ. The main thing is to learn from your mistakes. You cannot keep making them and think you’re making progress. As a team, we are getting better. A couple of keys to keep in mind; practice at game speed, learn from mistakes, don’t quit and work on free throws. It is far better to lose and learn than to quit. Quitting is habit-forming and contagious. I know it’s tough, keep fighting, provide the effort, the win is coming. These lessons will make the 1st victory so special.

Key player’s efforts that produced numbers:
Game 4: Josiah 8 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals
Game 4: Deangleo 8 rebounds and 1 block

Game 5: Erias 12 rebounds
Game 5: Mariah 7 points and 3 steals
Game 5: Josiah 9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists


Fall 2017 Game 3

As a new team, we continue to take our lumps. The key to our season is to continue our progression to be our best. After the 4 weeks of practice, the diamonds may not be evident but they are there. We improved our game. The total difference we made between the 2 games: Points +6, Rebounds +4, Assist +1, Steals +4, Blocks +3, overall shot attempts +8,  Other than the 1 extra turnover we improved in every aspect of our game. Let’s continue the steps to get better. Trust me the wins will come, we are almost there! Don’t be discouraged by the past few weekend results. Go HUSL! Great job team!