Month: September 2017

Fall 2017, Game 1 ~ Wins and Lessons

With Game 1 in the books, we received a great lesson.

First, I like to acknowledge two bright spots. Ashawn pulled down 10 rebounds against a much taller team. Kudos to you kid. I see the HUSL and fight in you. Mariah, Mariah, Mariah, you looked a little timid at the beginning of the game.  Then about 5 minutes into the game, “CLICK!”  You knew you could play with these guys. You started to attack the hoop, defend the ball, it was just basketball. Congrats, one of biggest hurdles for a person to gain confidence is to realize it’s just basketball.  You did that.

Second, we take no losses, just lessons. We have winners on this team. We get taught lessons when we don’t win. Think about the mistakes we made and let’s correct them this week. Obviously, we HUSL in practice and play. We still need to add to our team personality/characteristics. This week I will talk about game speed, running without the ball and game IQ.  It’s only 3 things but if we get these 3 things down, the 20 point lesson yesterday becomes a close game. That is how close we were. It was the closest 20 point game I’ve ever seen, split second here and there, a millimeter here and there and the outcome is changed. Honestly, I’m super proud of you all.

Third, we have an awesome team, we need to trust each other a little better. Trust comes with time and as we grow in trust, so will our chemistry with each other.  We have unselfish players on this team and sometimes it’s to a fault, It’s a lot easier to correct that than having selfish players. Sometimes we have to be greedy. Going back to the IQ thing, we have to know when to be greedy. Ahh, basketball.  See you Monday ready to go!!!



This has to be the most exciting play other than the dunk. Master these moves to go viral. The most important parts to Breaking Ankles is reading the defense, change of pace and sudden movements. Reading is fundamental. Learn to read, it will change the speed of the game and change the way you play, the way the defense plays you. Change of pace keeps the defense on their toes. If they transfer to their heels, take it to the rack. Sudden movements cause an action. When the defense tries to react to your reverse or crossover…call the medic. Another ankle broken. With all other basketball moves, this takes practice over and over just to get it off 1 time in a game.