Month: March 2017

Everyone played Awesome. Games 5, 6 & 7

On this day, HUSL shows it can handle adversity.

Started with a full squad this game. As a team we shot the ball at a 37% percent. This is a good percentage for a youth team. As a team, we usually shoot just under 30%. 7 0f 9 players scored and everyone attempted at least 2 shots. This was a complete team effort. Early games are usually difficult for our team. I’m please that no one came in with sleeping lines on their face like in our last game we lost. Way to be ready guys!
Notable stats: Amare 10 Pts, Josiah 9 Pts, Connor 6 Pts, Rowen 6 Pts, Connor 5 Rbs, Josiah 6 Stls.

Games with the Lakers are always entertaining. This was an intense game where 2 teams didn’t want to make the first mistake. The game started off slow and we gave up a lead in the 1st half. The best attribute of this team is we never give up! It didn’t start off like that but that is what the team has worked on the past year. Although I don’t like comeback wins, I do know we are capable of doing so. Just like the first game, it was another full team effort. 6 of 8 players scored in this game…who do you stop?
Notable stats: Amare 9 Pts, Josiah 6 Pts, Steve 11 Rbs, Amare 6 Rbs.

And then there was 6. Down 3 players due to unforeseen injuries, this would be our toughest game. Insert Rowen into the post!. Can we find the mismatch or the hot hand? That is a trait of a great team. In the onset it was Steve who netted 12 points and at the end it was Sid who netted 6 points. This was another come from behind victory! At the beginning of the day, I told the boys the Lakers are the best team we play today but every game will get harder. It is difficult to maintain the energy and intensity over the course of 3 games in 5 hours. There boys are resilient. And they showed that being undefeated last season was not a fluke. Great day, Great season, and Great team! Go HUSL ELITE!
Notable stats: Steve 12 Pts, Josiah 9 Pts, Sid 6 Pts, Steve 9 Rbs, Amare 5 Asts, Josiah 9 Stls.