Month: January 2017

Winter 2017 Game 2

Although we won, there was a lot of standing around. Usually, we are flying to the ball. The reason we went into the press is not because I wanted us to pour on the points, I wanted us to HUSL. We are looking better. We do are still not running a 100% but we are ramping up. There is good and bad playing in NJB. The good is it builds confidence, the bad is it makes players lazy due to the defensive rules.

As a team, we played a great game. I do believe we can be better. We have a good test in B&B this coming weekend.


This is why you never give up. Play to the final buzzer young fella! I coach until the buzzer sounds.
***This is raw uncut game footage, just added some music. Thank you XTY for the footage.

All Star Selections

Congrats to all team members! Everyone was nominated for SRNJB All-Stars. I addition to that, congrats to 8 players to actually making the team. This is a testament to your hard work and dedication to developing your skill set. It is not by chance nor is it by favoritism. Even BMOC was nominated and was sure to be selected but he went in another direction. Hope he does well. Keep grinding, don’t stop the HUSL.

2017 Winter Game 1 Review (Farewell Game)

This will be known as the farewell game. Big Man on Campus and Sputnik both played one of their better games that I have seen them play. Later that week, I was notified it was their last game with HUSL. They both had different reasons. We wish them well on their path. We were missing key players in this game. Actually 4 players were gone. Short handed…no problem. The boys won the game 26-14. Amare and TJ stepped up their game in Game 1. This SD Royals was a great team in the A Division last fall.

Two things were proven this game. First, we win with team play and lose with individual play. Second, the next player is more than will and able to play in a starting role. This season will be interesting because 6 of the 7 teams are new teams we have never played. looking forward to this new season and new year.

Go HUSL!!!

Fresh Start! New Year. Same Goal.

New Year, new season, new players, same goal. player come and go; thus the life of AAU. About 10 years ago, Coach Elezar, who I assisted said, “They will weed themselves out, one one day they will stop coming.” Many players and parents wants equal playing time but are they willing to work for it. If we had 10 players with the same set of skill and level, I would coach just like the NJB rules. I would switch player out with equal playing time. In life not everyone gets the job, not everyone gets the pretty girl, not everyone wins. Learn to deal with the losses in basketball and in life. Life becomes more enjoyable and so does basketball.

Kobe Bryant once said, “Teach players the game at an early age and stop treating them like cash cows for everyone to profit off of, you have to teach them the game. Give them instruction.” That is what I do in the HUSL program. Give them instruction in practice so that in games the can react to what the defense presents them. I don’t teach the art of juggling, ie tennis ball training, cone shuffling, dribbling without purpose etc. Everything has a purpose and that is our HUSL. By the way, $1,370 for new players for 6 months which includes 4 tournaments is the going rate for Sol travel teams and $1,820 for new players for an extra 2 tournaments. I need to reevaluate what HUSL charges. LOL I’m not in it for the money.

One of the good things about this  team is it has a “CORE of PLAYERS.” Sure, I expect people to leave and join. There a many legit reasons. If playing time is an issue, GET BETTER I want to play you, I want you to make it hard for me play you what you deserve/earn.  With that you need to be at the games and practices to get it in.

This article sums up my thoughts…

Farewell to BMOC and Sputnik; Greetings to the Con-Artist!