Month: October 2016

ICE AGE – like a yeti eating frozen spaghetti

Ahhh… These boys are teasing their parents. Down 8-14 and then down 16-21. They buzzed back on a 30-10 run to sting to 46-31 victory. Let’s face it we are 2nd half team. yes the scoreboard says 44-31 but clearly, the basket was made before the buzzer.

The team is playing great team ball. Interesting stats; 4 players scored 8 or more points, 7 of 9 total players scored and got a rebound, 8 of 9 attempted a shot and got a steal, 2 players got 10 or more rebounds and 2 players got 4 assists. These stats only happen when everyone plays for the team and not themselves. When team ball is played we create problems for the other team. They can’t focus on 1 or 2 players like on other teams. They have to focus on everyone.

We shot 31% from the field, 57% from the line and 25% from the 3 point land.

Something I noticed, that team plays dirty. We may see them in the playoffs so I need to prepare you for that type of play. Remind me on this Tuesday. So proud of you guys. As for the bench, you guys need to keep grinding in practice. Your moment will come, when it does, you must make the most of it. ICE AGE SID did that today, he played cool – like a yeti eating frozen spaghetti! He has 50 seconds to play at the end of the game. He got a steal, crossed over a defender and then another defender pushed him from behind. Sid with “Ice in his veins” knocked down both free throws. Value the minutes you play, it’s there game moments which will increase your time and the starters get to rest and cheer for you. Trust me, for a starter there is nothing more fun than to sit on the bench at the end of a winning game knowing you did your job and cheer your teammates as they do theirs. Go HUSL!

TEAMHUSL! TEAMWORK! Message Received.

EVERYONE got a rebound, took a shot and 9 of 10 got a steal. Growth is the key! We shot 29% from the field, 42% from the free throw line and 100% from the 3 point arch. Overall we are getting better.  We are playing smarter. We are becoming a complete team.

Big Man on Campus had an outstanding game. You won’t see it on the stat sheet. He caused several turnovers, prevented many points in the paint and set picks to get teammates open.  Both Robinhood and Jayzeeballin stole the ball 4 and 3 times respectively and each dropped 3 dimes(assist). Jayzeeballin was in the giving mood and even tried to score a bucket for the other team. So happy it rattled in and out, it would have made a long ride home.  Thank all of you for your efforts today.

On a side note: we had 17 turnovers. That is not how we play. The 21 steals made up for it, but that is what kept this game close.


logothumb2san-diego-sol-logoThese are the 2 biggest leagues in San Diego. We have been in the Sol league for the past 2 summers. Other coaches say, there is a higher level of competition in the Topgun League. I don’t know because the Nighthawks who plays in both leagues is 3-0 in Topgun and 2-1 in SOL with their SOL loss coming they the way of a team called HUSL. There are 7 other teams in that league we haven’t played. I do believe the Topgun Gyms have better temperature controls. Please add your thoughts by clicking  HERE.

I will take all things under consideration for our team’s move in the winter season.

Scheduled to come in Friday

Scheduled to come in Friday. These items are in Adult sizes SM to 2X. V-Neck Ladies style to be available too. I guess we have to wait to see it on Saturday morning. Black and Sparkling gold.

Lock Up Compressions

lockupWinter is coming and compressions are a must to keep the boys warm and loose. These compressions pictured above is from a San Diego(El Cajon) based company. They are expressive and are geared for the defensive mind players. Keep in mind compressions are not inexpensive, but they do have a way of preventing injury.
Have a look…LOCK UP GEAR

They’re not better than you! (a voice echoed)

“They’re not better than you!”, a voice echoed in the gym. The score is 17-21 down by 4 with 7:30 left on the clock and we just committed a foul. Good coaches will call timeouts to “Ice” a player and give a gut check to his team. “Do we want to go home now? I can tell them we don’t want to play anymore?… I have 4 guys on this bench who want to play…let me know now.” I didn’t think the player would sink both of the free throws. But he did.  I knew we were the better team. I knew we came back from bigger deficits. I can only challenge you. And, all you can do is choose to respond or not. Well, thank you for your response. 36 to 26 victory. The last basket didn’t count in their books but after watching the video, it should have so I added to our totals.

For the new guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t play you more.  Keep in mind this is a competitive team, we are here to compete. We compete against other teams in a game and within the team at practice. It amazes me how far the boys from the Super Sonic days have come along. We’ve since learned how to compete. Now we are learning how to win. What you do on the court can translate what you do in life. Not always though but if you work hard good thing will happen. The values you are now showing such as respect, selflessness, work ethic, and the desire to do your best will have a lasting effect on your lives.  Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Remember: Love x Commitment= Greatness in what you choose to do.

Savor this win until Tuesday’s practice, then we have work to do. It doesn’t get any easier from here. Everyone is gunning to beat us. Just like last summer, 6-0 and finished 7-1. Wanna make this season special? Then let’s exert special efforts in this week’s practices.