Month: September 2016


Hey guys! Game Speed sound familiar? Here is the solution for all you guys missing shots in games and making them in practice or at home. It’s a lot easier to make the layup or shot when no one is playing defense. But when you’re going 100 and you go up for a layup and you ball careens off the basket, then you make the biggest mistake by looking a me confirming your missed basket… Game Speed is the reason why. Your speed and movement are foreign. Remember to go 100% in practice and see your percentages go up.

YOUTUBE via Shot Science Basketball

SOPAC Tourney Review~Do we want to play?

It took me 3 days to review the tape. Monica you did a great job, thank you! My initial thought were we got out hustled. But in order to get out hustled we have to hustle and we didn’t. I can take the mistakes if we hustle and I can take a loss if we hustle. But this time around we did not own the names on our jerseys.

In game 1 we managed to have 19 turnovers and 6 steals for minus 13. We shot 25% from the field 8 made of 32 attempts. Highest rebounder got 4 rebounds.

We made an improvement in Game 2 with 6 turnovers and 8 steals for plus 2. We shot 15 percent from the field 6 of 40 shots. Highest rebounder got 8 rebounds

It is real difficult to win games when we are negative in the turnover ratio and also when our shooting percentages are in the teens. Even if we hustle on defense, it will be hard to win a game with low field goal percentages or several turnovers.

YOUTUBE via ILoveBasketballTV


screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-7-12-53-amKyree Walker is considered the best 8th grader now 9th grader in basketball. Towering at 6’8″ in the 8th grade, a few HUSL players got to witness his game at the Ball Is Life Invitational Camp 2016. Can you find the HUSL players in the highlight video? There is no telling who you can meet at these camps and who you can make friends with at camp. OPG and EBC have a qualifying camp in San Marcos May 19 & 20. If you’re interested in attending comment below or send an email. This gives you a chance to see where you stack in the nation. But first you need to get that invitation to attend the Ball Is Life Camp 2017.

Welcome Stepan Rubinstein

I’d like to welcome Stepan Rubinstein to the team. Watch the video boys…get your game up. Lets go!!!
“9 year old Stepan Rubinstein does great Stephen Curry impressions and sets a new record of dribbling 1,560 times behind the back. Kids Guinness book of records here we go. Enjoy” by Dimitri Rubenstein

20 minute video

Taken from Youtube: Dimitri Rubenstein

For the BIG Fellas JUMP HOOK

***Notice how long his swing step is into the lane. JUMP off of 2 feet. If you get this down, consider yourself unstoppable.

From Youtube: Shot Science Basketball

10 Tips To Get You More Playing Time

POPS 16-07-091012461. Ask the coach what you can do to help the team.
2. Play to your strengths.
3. Always hustle and work hard.
4. Take charges.
5. Play tough defense.
6. Always box out.
7. Take good shots.
8. Make the extra pass.
9. Sprint to the front of the huddle.
10. Be a great teammate.

Taken from Break Through Basketball