Month: August 2016

Shoot Better Off The Catch

These Shooting Drills Show You How To Shoot A Basketball Better Off The Catch! But 1st get your shot right. Do your form shooting drills 1st, prior to any shooting drill.

Taken from Youtube ILoveBasketballTV

Coach’s Review of H4T Tourney

There are several excuses I could come up with why we lost…but that won’t make us better. I will bypass all of the excuses and focus what will make us better.

  1. Commitment to defense
  2. Increased knowledge of the game
  3. Perfect practice (Practice game shots)
  4. Making the same shot, instead of shooting
  5. Do not play nervous, don’t worry about them

The Good Stuff
The Butler served up another double-double. In game 1, he scored 11 points and 11 rebounds. Finished the day with 22 points and 26 rebounds.
Robinhood snatched 13 rebounds in the game 1. He stole the ball 7 times and passed out 8 assist over the course of the day.
SuperSteve played super big with 11 and 10 rebounds in games 2 and 3 respectively. He flew to get 24 rebounds in 3 games.
JayZeeBallin chipped in 12 points and 13 points in game 1 and 3. He scored 31 points overall and went into sniper mode in game 3 with 4 treys.

These guys managed to get a double in a specific statistical category. For the rest of the team who did not make this list, keep working hard out there, your time will come. Work ethic is work ethic, whether in school or on the court. Everyone starts at a different level, the measure is how far you go up from where you start. I know we have a great work ethic. We didn’t scour the area a pick the best guys from different teams. We worked our way up to this level and will continue to get better. All of us. Thank you for a wonderful season and see you soon.

Coach’s Review of Summer Game 8

There is nothing like winning your last game of the season. We started slow. We didn’t play perfect. We shot 40% from the line and won 36-13. Because defense wins games.

We had a huge game from The Butler. He served his 2nd double-double of the season with 10 points and 14 rebounds. Way to go Justin!!! Big Man on Campus aka TJ, got his own 10 rebounds and 2 blocks. Air Amare flew in the lane for 8 points, 2 rebounds and a block. He also has a sticky set of hands with 4 steals. Robin Hood Rowen stole 6 balls on the day, then hustled to assist 4 teammates for 8 easy points on this Nottingham of a court. His yeoman service style of play does not go unnoticed by the Coach and his Court of players. JayZeeballin managed to accumulate 13 points without taking a 3 pointer in the game. At times it seemed as if the defense was on roller skates they way he was dribbling or maybe he was on roller skates. Riley the Rookie clocked in the most minutes of his young career, the youngest player looking like he needed an oxygen tank. Lastly, Super Steve went for the cycle; 1 field goal and free throw, 2 attempts for both, 3 points and 4 rebounds some of the things he does doesn’t show up on stats.

When we play as a team, up to our potential, we can have fun on top of fun. I don’t know if this was fun to read but it was fun to write. This short video epitomizes our team hustle.

Robin Hood

Coach’s Re-review of Game 7

We were losing by 3 points with 5 minutes in the game. I changed our Zone defense to Man-to-Man. It got us couple of steals and the lead. With 3 minutes left they scored another basket to take the lead back. My mistake was leaving you all in Man-to-Man defense. After getting the lead, I should have called a timeout and sent you back out in Zone defense. Due to that mistake, an off shooting game plus fatigue we missed the last 4 free throws. The point of this post is to show that everyone makes mistakes, even coaches; it’s not about how we fail but how we learn and rise from our mistakes.

You guys gave all you had, even though it was our worst shooting game of the year. Be proud and learn from the lost. Go HUSL Go! Let’s get this tournament this weekend.

Coach’s Review of Summer Game 7

The Free ~ Throw Away Game

This game was lost at the line. We missed 22 free throws. It happens. Learn form it. The team did so many good things which is over shadowed by the failures at the line. It was a group effort. Although collectively we were -2 in the steal/turnover ratio, we were out rebounded. We were not denying, not blocking out, not closing out on all defensive possessions. The positive is that we did sometimes, which means we know how to do it. We need to be more consistent.

At times we were playing hero ball and not team ball. That is something I will correct. Shooting 19% from the field and 12% from the line will never win a game. Shooting free throws can be done by yourself. We did not deserve to win this game even though we almost won the game.

On a positive note, when we did hustle, we did well. We didn’t have too many problems breaking their press. We do play as a team but yesterday there were lapses of hero ball. Even though we lost, we know we were 1 basket from winning while playing our worst game of the season. I can come up with different reasons why we didn’t win but nothing is more telling than all the shots missed at the free throw line. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and lets move on.

S, Coach Jesse

PS. Practice your free throws. Last 10 minutes of every practice will consist of the free throw drill.


Master To Be Unguardable

Coach Rocky says you must master these 5 basketball moves! If you do master these 5 basketball moves then you will be very tough to guard. Wait until the end of the video when you see the combos that you can create with these moves.

1. Crossover
2. Stepback
3. Spin Move
4. Pullback
5. In-N-Out