Month: July 2016

Ball Is Life Jr All American Camp


Members of our HUSL Elite 10U team were invited to the #BILAACAMP this year. It’s no surprise that each of them had Hustle as one of their strengths. Although these evaluations are not 100% correct, it does have truth to it and I hope the boys can learn and grow from their experience. Congrats to Rowen for making the Top 40 team! Looking forward to more members getting their invite to the camp next year. Love x Commitment = Greatness was the theme of the camp. The boys learned how much more work needs to be done in order to compete in these events. It is not an event where teamwork is encouraged, it is a showcase event. That goes against everything HUSL is about, but with that understanding we can more prepared for next year.

Dtermined Summer Sensational 2nd Place

Surprised? We surprised a few people up in Corona. Even though we were short handed on Sunday, the boys played hard and showed their mettle. Hard work pays off. The more we work, the stronger we get. 2nd place finish at the Dtermined Summer Sensational Tournament. Great job guys! Way to HUSL! As we continue to get better, more recognition will come the boys way. Continue to cheer for your son and the rest of the team. Thank you!

2nd at Dtermined 07/10/16